Renters: Tips for Turning a Rental into a Home

couple moving in

As a team of former and current renters, we completely understand the benefits and challenges of being a renter. That being said, though you may not own your space, here are a few tips for making a rental feel more like home:

Invest in a toolbox. Although most major repairs are likely to be left to the owner, owning a small toolbox with the basic tools will come in handy for moving in, hanging decorations, and other owner-approved DIY projects around your space.

Use lighting. It’s amazing what a difference proper lighting and bulbs can have on your home’s overall ambiance. Be sure to brighten every room with fun lamps and window decor.

Get artsy. Surround yourself with prints, painting, pictures, and portraits that you love. Photographs of loved ones and colorful paintings are both great ways of making a rental feel more like home.

Unpack. This one might seem obvious, but some people spend months with unopened boxes and storage to sort through. Get this done early so that you can truly settle into your home.

Paint. Although this will only work in some situations, picking a color scheme and adding a special paint or design to your walls are both great ways to personalize your space.

Find the right insurance for you. Of course, as your friends in insurance, we have to include this as one of the most important tips for renters. Give us a call to learn more about our renters’ insurance.


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