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General Liability Insurance

If you’re hoping to find general liability insurance in North Carolina, look no further than Latorre Insurance. We offer custom plans that allow you to buy the insurance you need at an affordable price. Contact us today to schedule your in-person consultation.

As an experienced businessperson, you understand that the prerequisite to every successful business is a plan. Before this plan can be set into action, businesses must prepare and outline their goals for the future. From financial considerations to location to the strategic implementation of the business, it may seem as if nothing can go wrong. Unfortunately, this feeling of invincibility is often short-lived. Accidents happen, damages are incurred, and, even with the most secure plans, the unexpected can leave your business, as well as your finances, in total chaos.

Business liability insurance can help:

  • With defense costs, no matter who is at fault
  • Pay for medical expenses in the event of an accident
  • Provide financial protection from lawsuits
  • Protect your personal finances in work-related situations

Our agents will discuss your business insurance options, and, by comparing a variety of plans, you can rest assured that the futures of your business, your coworkers, and yourself are protected.  If our many years of experience are evidence of anything, it’s that your future is our highest priority. Schedule a meeting with one of our agents to learn more.

* Coverage and exclusions vary from policy to policy. Please review the specific policy for details.