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It was a great trip, but we’re guessing that you could’ve done without the fall afterward. Accidents happen, but what would you do if an injury or illness were to keep you from working? There’s no doubt about it: you need your paycheck. With disability insurance, you can feel confident knowing that you are covered during times of injury and illness. Rest easy, and contact Latorre Insurance today to learn more about your disability insurance options.

If you’re sick or injured, working can be difficult or, in some cases, even impossible. You depend on your income, and time away from work can make the day-to-day expenses tough to manage. This is where disability insurance can help; it’s there to keep you covered even when your paid sick days have run out.

Instead of worrying about your next expense, you’ll be able to focus on what really matters – getting better. Outside of injury and illness, disability insurance can also provide support during and after pregnancy, giving families peace of mind as they prepare for the birth of their child.

Disability insurance can provide tax-free income replacement, making it easier to keep up with household costs, including but not limited to the following:

  •   Rent/Mortgage
  •   Groceries
  •   Car payments
  •   Daycare
  •   Tuition
  •   Miscellaneous bills (i.e.: cell phone)

Although we never expect or hope for an injury, serious illness or other disability, life can be unexpected. Disability income insurance protects your biggest asset – your paycheck. Contact us today to learn more.

* Coverage and exclusions vary from policy to policy. Please review the specific policy for details.