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Commercial Property Insurance

Our team of insurance experts will lead you through a variety of options, providing you with an individualized policy from a top provider. We always keep your personal needs, goals, and budget in mind. Contact us today–we look forward to meeting you.

For many, more of their time is spent at work than at home. Just as you protect your home from the unexpected, it’s also imperative that you protect your business; after all, your livelihood depends on it. Whether your office building is owned, leased, or even if you work from home, Latorre Insurance is here to help, with commercial property insurance.

If your place of business suffers a vicious fire, water damage as a result of broken pipes, or destruction from a storm, Latorre insurance is here to help. Commercial property insurance covers your building, fencing, landscaping, inventory, outdoor sign, furniture, equipment, and more. Events beyond your control can lead to huge losses, but you can’t let fear of the unknown hold you back.

Protect yourself from uncertainty with a customized policy from Latorre Insurance. Schedule your consultation to learn more about your options.

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* Coverage and exclusions vary from policy to policy. Please review the specific policy for details.