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Individual Health Insurance

With the help of your trusted Latorre Insurance agents, you will discover that, not only is health insurance vital to your future, it’s affordable as well. Schedule your consultation today to learn more. We will help you find a custom health insurance plan that provides you the coverage you need at an affordable price.

It can be terrifying to consider the possibility that, at any moment, serious illness or injury could affect you or your loved ones. While it can be easy to ignore such fears, such ignorance is not wise; should this unfortunate event occur, you could be left with medical bills and payments which would be impossible to cover on your own. This is why planning ahead, through the purchase of health insurance, is important in safeguarding your future, as well as the futures of those that you love.

Latorre Insurance understands how intimidating these kinds of thoughts can be, which is why we want to do the worrying for you, providing you with personalized guidance and plans. By providing you with a variety of health insurance plans to compare, we will then assist you in selecting the plan most appropriate for your personal needs. Health insurance can protect you from loss of finances, injury incurred by accident or illness, and can even cover the cost of prescription medications.

Health insurance can help:

  • Pay for prescription drugs
  • Provide payments for major medical coverage
  • Cover routine check-ups and physicals
  • Provide financial help for specialized visits, including for vision or the dermatologist

Contact us today. With multiple locations, we are excited to discuss your health insurance options further.

* Coverage and exclusions vary from policy to policy. Please review the specific policy for details.