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It’s raining—really raining. And it came out of nowhere. You didn’t think about your raincoat when you left your place this morning. Now what?  Then, you remember; you reach into the backseat, and there it is – the spare umbrella you dropped in your car just for this type of situation, for the unexpected thunderstorm. Putting an umbrella in your car before you needed it—now that was a good plan.

Alternatively, say you were in a car accident that injured the other driver. You then find out that your standard policy’s limit isn’t enough to cover the other driver’s injuries. As if things couldn’t get worse, now that same driver is suing you for their lost income. Now what? Before this happens to you, get in touch with a Latorre Insurance agent to find out if an umbrella insurance policy is right for you.

“Umbrella” or personal liability policies offer extra liability coverage that gives you that extra layer of protection; they exist to provide liability coverage for what your automobile and homeowners policies will not. This means, if there’s an accident on your property or you’re found at fault for any other situation, an umbrella policy can be applied to cover costs beyond what your standard policy offers.

An umbrella insurance policy can be used to offer coverage for both property damage liability and bodily injury liability. In fact, this type of insurance can even be used to cover lost income, as well as the expense required for an attorney during a lawsuit.

If you’re ever stuck in the pouring rain, and your raincoat isn’t enough, what’s the one thing you need most? The answer, of course, is an umbrella. Unexpected, torrential rain is a part of life, and when your standard policy isn’t enough to cover you, an umbrella policy might be just what you need.

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*Please see specific policy for information on coverages, limitations and exclusions.