Auto Insurance Tips: Protect Your Car This Spring

Stories are always being told about how cold weather affects cars and how winter is the worst for driving conditions; however, spring is also a time to be conscious about your car. Here’s how to protect your vehicle this spring:

5 Ways to Protect Your Car This Spring

Wash Off the Pollen

Spring is officially here and while its warmer weather is anticipated by many, the season can wreak havoc on your car and your sinuses. That’s right, the blooming of the trees brings pesky seasonal allergens, like pollen, that not only exasperate your sinuses but coat your car in yellow dust. To protect your car from the effects of spring, routinely rinse and wash the pollen off your vehicle. Pollen can damage your cars’ exterior without a wash!

Check Your Coolant Level

You know that thing you use in the winter called “antifreeze”? Well, in the spring, you use a coolant. Low coolant levels can kill your engine! To prevent the engine from overheating, keep an eye on the temperature gauge during the warmer months. Depending on the car, it is advised to change the coolant every 30,000 miles, if not more often.

Take Care of Your Tires

Prepare your car for the post-winter roads by taking care of your tires. Whether you’re heading to the beach for spring break or traveling between the kids’ sporting events, make sure your vehicle is ready for warmer weather by checking your tire pressure. Checking your tire pressure once a month can save you from a lot of damage later on!

Get an Oil Change

In the springtime, it is very important to change the oil regularly; a hot engine needs lubrication in order to run smoothly. A car will lose power and run roughly without oil changes! Each car comes with a manual handbook that will recommend the number of times the oil should be changed. Without a regular oil change, the air can get so clogged that the engine won’t be able to fill enough air into the combustion chambers; this causes a car to run on too much gas without enough air.

Reassess Your Insurance Policy

From washing your car to taking care of the tires, the exterior of your vehicle isn’t the only thing in need of a spring-cleaning. Reassess your auto insurance policy! To cover the kinds of claims that are most common during the spring months, contact Latorre Insurance today to protect your car year-round. Start your auto insurance quote for free!