5 Simple Ways to Get Organized This Spring

Spring is almost here, and with it comes many different things, like perfect weather and blooming flowers. Spring is one of the most enjoyable seasons, but with it also comes a few of the things we all dread most, like pollen and, of course, spring cleaning. This being said, everyone can use a little organization in their lives.

Here are a few helpful tips for making spring cleaning fun:

  1. Mason Jars – This is a multi-purpose tool that we all overlook. Use mason jars to store food, small items, and supplies, and label and organize them to your liking. Mason jars truly are a home’s best friend.
  1. Shoe Racks – Sometimes the simplest of things can have more than one use. Store your cleaning supplies in your old shoe racks, and free your cupboards of clutter.
  1. Magnets – Have any spare magnets laying around the house? Use these handy tools to hold onto all of your small metal items, such as scissors, tweezers, hairpins and other small items which can become a nuisance to keep track of.
  1. Hangers – Who doesn’t have a few empty hangers? Store belts, jewelry, and sunglasses on unused hangers. Also, organize your clothes by color-coordinating them.
  1. Decorate – Free up space, and make a creative environment! This might be the most enjoyable part of spring cleaning, if we do say so ourselves.

Don’t get down about spring cleaning; have some fun with it! While you’re taking steps to organize your home, make sure you’ll also taking the right steps to keep it protected.