Open Enrollment 2024 is here!

  If health insurance is not offered through your employer, you’ll need some help finding a policy that works best for your needs and budget. 
  • Open Enrollment starts November 1, 2023. This is the first day that you can enroll, re-enroll or change your 2024 healthcare plan.
  • Coverage can start as soon as January 1, 2024.
  • After January 15, 2024, you can enroll in 2024 health insurance only if you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP).

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Marketplace Application Checklist:

When you apply for or renew your coverage in the Health Insurance Marketplace, you’ll need to provide some information about you and your household, including income, any coverage you currently have, and some additional items.

Use the checklist below to help you gather what you need to apply for coverage, or click here to download and print.

    • Home and/or mailing addresses for everyone applying for coverage. Information about everyone applying for coverage, like addresses and birth dates.

    • Information about everyone applying for coverage, like Social Security Numbers and birth dates.

    • Information about the professional helping you apply, if you’re getting help completing your application. This could be an agent, broker, or assister.

    • Information on how you plan to file your taxes in 2024.

    • Policy numbers for any current health plans covering members of your household.

    • Information about any job-based plan you or someone in your household is eligible for. You can use the Employer Coverage Tool to help collect this information. (You’ll want to fill out this worksheet even for coverage you’re eligible for but don’t enroll in.) Visit to download or print the tool.

    • Notices from your current plan that include your plan ID, if you have or had 2023 Marketplace coverage.

    • Document information for legal immigrants and naturalized citizens.

When can I enroll to obtain coverage for 2024? Open Enrollment starts November 1st 2023. Deadline is January 15th 2024 for coverage that starts effective January 1, 2024.
How can I get ready to apply for 2024 Health Insurance? Make sure you have everything you need by using this checklist.
Can I obtain a health insurance without having a valid SSN? An applicant must be a permanent resident of the State of North Carolina in order to initiate an application. An applicant must provide at least one of the following as proof: NC voter registration, valid, unexpired NC driver license, current NC tax return, NC ID card issued by the DMV or a deed/lease signed by the applicant for an apartment, house, modular unit, or manufactured home with an utility bill that both display the same address as listed on this residency form.
Can I receive assistance on paying for the 2024 Marketplace plan? When you apply for coverage in the Health Insurance Marketplace, you’ll find out if you qualify for a “premium tax credit” that lowers your premium — the amount you pay each month to your insurance plan. The amount of your premium tax credit depends on the estimated household income for 2024 that you put on your Marketplace application.
Can I still get health coverage for the rest of 2023? Outside Open Enrollment you can get health insurance 2 ways:
  • Through Medicaid or The Children’s Health Insurance Programs (CHIP) You can apply any time and can obtain coverage if you’re eligible.
  • Qualify for the special enrollment period- You can qualify if you lose job-based coverage, have a baby, get married, or have certain other life changes. You must apply for coverage within 60 days of the life changing event.

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