How Homeowners Can Prepare for Hurricane Season

A man measuring windows for hurricane shutters or plywood.

Hurricane season officially began on June 1st and doesn’t come to a close until November, and although we can’t always predict the strength, path, or destruction, we can do our best to prepare for its arrival.

Here are a few ways homeowners can prepare for hurricane season:

Have an evacuation plan.

This is especially true if you live in a coastal city. Should the situation arise in which you need to evacuate with your family, decide in advance where you will go, as well as how you’ll get there. Make sure to have a back-up route, as traffic can become chaotic during evacuations.

Prepare for damage.

Create shutters ahead of time and have a few tarps should you incur tree damage to a window or the roof. By being prepared for damage, you can prevent the damage from getting worse.

Know your equipment.

It’s one thing to have a generator. It’s something else entirely to know how to use and troubleshoot it. Before you need to utilize a generator, chainsaw, water pump, or any other piece of equipment, make sure to read the owners’ manual to ensure that you understand the proper use. Also, make sure all of this equipment is functioning properly prior to the storm.

Have a plan for Fido.

In this year alone, we’ve seen some pretty devastating footage of abandoned pets. Know in advance that not all shelters will accept your furry family members, and identify those that will so that you know where you can go.

Stock up on fuel.

Obtaining gas or fuel during a hurricane can be a nightmare. If you know you’re in an area likely to be hit or where power outages might occur, stock up on fuel well in advance to ensure that you and your family have the amount (and type) of fuel you need before the storm hits.


Most importantly, stay safe, friends. Our thoughts are with everyone who has been affected by this devastating hurricane season thus far.