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Updated on: March 31, 2017

You’ve made it. You’ve turned your business idea into a reality, and you’ve created a nice niche for yourself. You’ve hired some help—associates, an assistant, a delivery person, and a few others—to help you do what you do. Then, it happens—you get hurt. You can’t work, and your business, though very viable while you were there to work, isn’t so viable without you.

Sure, you can probably weather the storm of an extended injury, but what about your company? How will payroll be covered? How will bills be paid? What will you do about rent? This is where a business overhead expense policy can help your business survive.

Business overhead expense (BOE) is a specialized disability policy built specifically for the small business owner. It provides funds for up to 24 months in order to keep the payroll and all other expenses going while you’re sick or hurt and cannot work. It provides that safety net that will give you time to either return to work or to transition the business to someone else. And, as this coverage pays expenses to others and not you, it’s the only disability policy whose premiums are a tax deduction for the company!

Take a few minutes to talk to a professional at Latorre Insurance today about business overhead expense coverage in your situation. It’s the kind of conversation that could save your business. Give us a call, or fill out the form, and we will get back to you soon!