Aligning Your Commercial Coverage With Disaster Planning

March 16, 2018

  “What would happen if I lost everything?” The grinding sound that business owners hear in the middle of the night stems from this question. Because small businesses don’t have resources comparable to those of the fortune 500, they are especially vulnerable to significant and catastrophic losses. Total or substantial loss can come from a… Read more »

What’s Really Included in Your Homeowners Insurance?

March 9, 2018

  Because most homeowners insurance policies are wrapped into the cost of the home loan, it’s easy for homeowners to pick a convenient, low-cost policy and then “set it and forget it.” But at the end of the day, do you really know what your policy covers, and what it could, or even should cover? When… Read more »

Tips To Protect Your Premium During a Worker’s Compensation Audit

January 25, 2018

  Preparing for a worker’s compensation audit can be a daunting process. Soon after the policy’s period has expired, the insurer can begin the audit. The basic purpose of the audit is to ensure that the premiums that the employers pay, accurately represent the risk of the employees. This is mainly performed to verify sub-contractor… Read more »

Your Small Business Insurance Questions, Answered!

January 16, 2018

  Owning a small business requires a lot of planning, research and hundreds of important decisions that will pop up along the way. When planning to open that small business, it’s key to expect the unexpected. While it’s unlikely that a catastrophic event will cause a new business to fail, not carrying insurance is an… Read more »

Do I Need Commercial Trucking Insurance?

December 5, 2017

  Article Highlights: Kinds of commercial trucking insurance coverage Cost of commercial trucking insurance Misconceptions of commercial trucking insurance Do You Need Commercial Trucking Insurance? The trucking industry is a booming one. Over 70% of all local freight is moved by trucks, and 2016’s annual revenue totaled a whopping $676.2 billion. With revenue from hauling goods… Read more »

FAQs About Health Coverage

faq open enrollment

November 2, 2017

Open Enrollment for 2018 begins on November 1, 2017, and the deadline is December 15, 2017. Enrolling for health insurance can be incredibly confusing, which is why we’ve created a portal to make sure all of your questions are answered on one easy-to-access page. Speaking of questions, here are a few of the most frequently asked… Read more »

Dates to Remember for 2018 Open Enrollment

November 1, 2017

We are entering the busiest time of the year. In between holidays and planning for the new year, you also need to be sure that you’re enrolled for health insurance in 2018. Open Enrollment for 2018 health coverage starts on November 1st, so open up your calendar and make a note of these important dates!… Read more »

How Homeowners Can Prepare for Hurricane Season

A man measuring windows for hurricane shutters or plywood.

September 8, 2017

Already, this hurricane season is proving to be one of the most serious the United States has experienced in years. With one record-breaking storm approaching the United States this weekend, and another on its heels, many are evacuating their homes, and everyone is getting prepared. Hurricane season doesn’t come to an official close until November, and although… Read more »

How to Find the Right Business Insurance Agent

business insurance agent charlotte

July 24, 2017

General Liability. Worker’s Compensation. Commercial Auto.   These are the cornerstones of business insurance.  If you’re just starting up, or have been in business for a while, you may quickly find that these coverages, while sounding the same, have subtle–and sometimes not so subtle–differences between one insurance company and the next.  And a higher price… Read more »

6 Frequently Asked Questions About Life Insurance

6 Frequently Asked Questions About Life Insurance

June 23, 2017

Nothing can replace a loved one. Life insurance can help provide the economic base for moving forward. And it’s likely more affordable than you think. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about life insurance. Why do I need life insurance? Life insurance is important for many, especially those with financial dependents,… Read more »